National Security, Energy Experts Call for Support of U.S. Nuclear Industry

MCLEAN, VA –The ability of the United States to compete in the international nuclear energy market against the likes of Russia and China is dependent on the strength of our own country’s domestic sector. Without a steady pipeline of skills, innovation, and products, our country will have limited capacity to compete. While open and competitive markets are not the norm in all countries where U.S. nuclear power companies seek to do business, they are commonplace in America. From time-to-time unfavorable market conditions make it difficult for even the strongest providers to compete. At the point where these market conditions severely impair our national security interests, action is required. The Department of Energy and our broader U.S. Government are developing and implementing the necessary and appropriate actions to help support the nuclear power sector while the industry regains strength. IP3 applauds our Government’s focus on behalf of our national security and economic interests.

According to IP3 Co-founder and national security expert, General (Ret.) Jack Keane, “There is now a lively debate regarding the U.S. nuclear power generation, among other elements of our domestic energy infrastructure. The individuals who created this company have dedicated their careers to national security, and remain wholly committed to safe, secure nuclear energy. We encourage this long-overdue discourse and appreciate our government taking tangible actions to ensure that our industry can be competitive against the world’s other nuclear powers.”

While the United States excels in nuclear energy technologies, safety, security, and efficient operations, our country continues to suffer from the realities of a declining nuclear power sector. Plants are closing, and with no current plans for replacement, atrophy is inevitable. This comes at a time when many countries are pursuing nuclear energy programs and will need assistance from current nuclear suppliers to enable development and operation. The active countries include the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and others.

“Our growing weakness at home complicates the ability of American companies to promote our products and services in the international markets,” said the Honorable Bud McFarlane, Co-founder of IP3 and former National Security Advisor. “Our company’s leaders are regularly asked by officials in countries seeking to import peaceful nuclear energy whether the United States is committed to this industry. American businesses express interest, but are seriously disadvantaged as long as there is doubt about U.S. government support.”

As many experts have long highlighted, if the U.S. continues to decline in nuclear energy, American companies will keep losing international business to other countries. At this time, Russia is dominating these deals. Because nuclear reactor design, construction, and operations carry forward for decades, this positions Russia as a strong force in influencing the geopolitics and energy infrastructure of countries importing their nuclear energy offerings. It also deprives the United States of the intimate working relationships that are crucial to ensuring high safety and security standards and preventing proliferation risks.

“This should be of great concern to anyone entrusted with protecting U.S. interests,” said IP3 Director Mike Wallace. “We need women and men with deep nuclear knowledge in our defense institutions, National Laboratories, and the companies that produce nuclear-grade equipment and supplies. If lifelong career prospects appear dim for those interested in nuclear technologies, we will have a harder time recruiting our brightest young Americans into this career field—including for the nuclear Navy.”

IP3 supports policy action on this subject as an issue that the U.S. government must address imminently, and welcomes recent indications that it is taking action to do so. Finding effective ways to promote the American nuclear industry is both a national security and an economic imperative for both our public and private sector leaders.

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