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  1. The Hill – America is sacrificing its leadership role in nuclear energy

    Does nuclear power have a future in the United States? Perhaps the more important question should be: Does America have the vision and national resolve to develop comprehensive energy policies to maintain our leadership in nuclear energy? READ MORE >

  2. Forbes – Ask Ethan: How Can A Nation Have Nuclear Power Without The Danger Of Nuclear Weapons?

    In 2015, John Kerry, then the Secretary of State, brought nuclear physicist and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz with him to Iran,… READ MORE >

  3. National Interest – How to Prevent a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East: Invest in Stability Instead of Conflict

    There are two current trends in the Middle East that threaten to enable a nuclear arms race. A third offers a way to prevent it. READ MORE >

  4. Kinzinger: Why nuclear energy is the future in Illinois and globally

    “The Italian navigator has just landed in the new world.” This was the coded message received seventy-five years ago when Enrico Fermi, an Italian immigrant who’d come to America to escape fascism, created the first man-made nuclear reaction below the University of Chicago gymnasium in 1942. Shortly after this successful experiment, nuclear power was fueling Navy submarines. READ MORE >

  5. Sens. Graham, Chambliss: Nuclear power is vital to our national security

    The good news: this summer, fuel will be loaded into the first of four nuclear plants, reactors that are the first of a new generation of technology. These advanced reactors are an engineering marvel, bringing simpler, safer, and more reliable clean energy to many places around the world. The plants are a triumph of American design. READ MORE >

  6. Russia unrivaled in nuclear power plant exports

    A 60 percent share of the international market has boosted Moscow’s diplomatic clout. READ MORE >

  7. The case for American nuclear leadership

    Nuclear energy has an important role to play in combating climate change, but first the United States must address the safety and security concerns that come along with it. READ MORE >

  8. Belfer Center – American Nuclear Diplomacy

    Forging a New Consensus to Fight Climate Change and Weapons Proliferation. READ MORE >