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  1. Small modular reactors are the future, IP3 tells Forbes

    The Biden administration is expected to continue the bipartisan strategy of accelerating the export of U.S. nuclear energy technology to overseas markets. Forbes reports that small modular reactors (SMRs) could hold the key for export success.

    In the Forbes INTERVIEW, IP3 and Allied Nuclear CEO Michael Hewitt said the future of nuclear energy development is SMRs:

    “I think the days of building large nuclear power plants are really in the past. Hitachi walked away from a major UK power plant project after spending $2 billion. Where does that leave us? SMRs.”

    A subsidiary of IP3, Allied Nuclear advises governments in procuring nuclear technology and tailored financing; and with starting national nuclear energy programs.

    “Once they’re at production, they can compete internationally,” Hewitt said of SMRs.

    “Instead of constructing [SMRs], you’re assembling [them on site in country],” Hewitt said. “It’s a repetitive model” that gives investors a better handle on cost and cost overruns, he said.

    The advent of SMRs opens up new market opportunities at home and abroad for nuclear energy developers. SMRs offer unique, tailor-made solutions to countries’ energy needs while cutting construction costs. As a cheaper, smaller and scalable alternative to larger light water reactors, SMRs also help sovereign governments avoid falling for the lure of “debt-trap” boondoggles built by Russia and China.


  2. IP3 Director Bud McFarlane outlines “How U.S. and allies can stop global energy dominance by China and Russia” in The Washington Times

    In an Op-Ed for The Washington Times, Bud McFarlane — IP3 Co-Founder and Director and Reagan’s National Security Adviser — outlined the world’s need for the U.S. and allies to lead in building clean nuclear energy in developing economies. The world cannot afford global energy dominance by Russia and China, he warned.


  3. White Paper – The Nexus Between Cybersecurity and Biosecurity

    Key insights and recommendations from the Winning the Peace Series hosted by C5.

  4. VIDEO: IP3 CEO Michael Hewitt interviewed by Saudi 24 news on U.S.-Saudi ties, security and energy

    IP3 Co-Founder and CEO Michael Hewitt went on Saudi 24 channel’s Vision news program to talk about the U.S. and Saudi Arabia forging closer diplomatic and economic ties, Saudi Arabia’s strategic importance in world affairs, and the future of clean energy in the kingdom.

    Veteran journalist Maria Maaloof interviewed the retired U.S. Rear Admiral.

    Click below to watch:


  5. CSIS – The Changing Geopolitics of Nuclear Energy


    Center for Strategic and International Studies on the market competition between the U.S., China and Russia in nuclear energy exports.  READ MORE >

  6. Saudi 24 news interviews IP3 CEO Michael Hewitt on energy, security and U.S.-Saudi relations

    Saudi 24 news program “Vision” interviewed IP3 CEO Michael Hewitt on U.S.-Saudi relations, Middle East security and the future of clean energy in Saudi Arabia. Veteran journalist Maria Maaloof interviewed the retired U.S. Rear Admiral.

  7. Dan Brouillette and Adam Boehler: U.S. offers allies energy investment without strings attached


    Financial Times –  U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette and U.S. International Development Finance Corporation CEO Adam Boehler on how Washington provides an alternative to state-led financing from Beijing and Moscow.  READ MORE >

  8. University of Sydney – Australia’s future and the U.S. National Technology and Industrial Base

    University of Sydney’s U.S. Studies Centre sees opportunities for Australia to strengthen its economy and security through a U.S. policy framework meant to foster free trade in defense-related research and development between the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K.  READ MORE >

  9. IP3 at the 2019 Atlantic Future Forum

    IP3 representatives attended the 2019 Atlantic Future Forum on board HMS Queen Elizabeth, at anchor off Annapolis, Maryland.

    The full-day conference brought together the brightest and most influential thinkers – from defense and beyond – to strengthen American-British ties and to encourage collaboration between the two countries’ public and private sectors.  READ MORE >

  10. IP3 at the 2019 U.K. Conservative Party Conference

    IP3’s Co-founder and CEO Rear Admiral (Ret.) Michael Hewitt attended the 2019 U.K. Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, England and was a panel discussion on clean energy during their Innovation Day.