Monthly Archives: February, 2019

  1. Trump to Huddle With US Energy Executives to Discuss Nuclear Exports

    Axios, President Trump is set to meet this afternoon with U.S. energy industry leaders to discuss issues including the possibility of providing Saudi Arabia with a path to nuclear power. READ MORE >

  2. CEOs Ask Trump to Help Them Sell Nuclear Power Plants Overseas

    Bloomberg, U.S. nuclear energy developers on Tuesday met with President Donald Trump and asked for help winning contracts to build power plants in the Middle East and elsewhere overseas. 


  3. The Weaponizing of Energy

    Energy is an essential driver of every economy. It enables formation of businesses, jobs and the possibility of prosperity. Ironically, because we are so richly blessed with energy we tend to take it for granted. But what if your electricity were provided by an authoritarian government such as Russia or China? Before long that could well become the case for much of the world. READ MORE >